AVMs (Automated Valuation Model)

Let AppraisalPro do the preliminary research for you and get an early indication of market range on a subject property with our convenient AVMs. AVMs are restricted use valuations that enable our clients to get additional information about a property before ordering a full appraisal.

Our AVMs use information from our partners — data collection companies specializing in real estate data collection services. The search is a collection of data from the area around the subject property. The search is not a “comp” search. We do not certify that the data provided in the search is going to signify a certain value or even range of values in relation to the subject property. The search is merely to be used as additional information about the sales within a 12 month period near the subject property. This can give an accurate picture of value in your neighborhood and is indicated in the “confidence” value indicated on the report.

AVM Products

Collateral Market Value (CMV)

Obtain valuation information fast, including estimated market value, high and low estimates, a confidence score, and other data. An optional map indicates the property location as well as comparable sales for more information.

ValueSmart (VS)

Get highly accurate valuations in seconds to help speed the loan process, improve customer service, and reduce costs. ValueSmart uses four separate models including the Hedonic Model, the Repeat Sales Index, Tax-Assessed Value, and Appraisal Emulation.

Pre-Decision Qualifier (PDQ)

Qualify potential borrowers before ordering a full appraisal with an instant estimated value range for a property. Further information includes recent neighborhood transaction data, sales histories, foreclosure data, and data on surrounding areas.


Uses Real Info Data Services.

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