We offer a wide variety of appraisal management products and services

Our most popular appraisal products include:

With many years of experience in residential appraisals, we have a proven track record of reducing lenders’ time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process.


AppraisalPro offers a full suite of commercial real estate appraisal options. Whether you have an office complex, restaurant, apartment building or other commercial property, our team of Certified General Appraisers are ready to provide quality appraisals, evaluations and research.


There are a number of reasons when a professional valuation of property is desired yet a formal appraisal is not required. In these instances, a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) service is ideal.


AppraisalPro offers a restricted-use appraisal.


AppraisalPro offers a suite of automated valuation models (AVM) that quickly calculate the market range on a subject property. AVMs are also used to gain additional information on a property before ordering a full appraisal.


Sometimes you need a fee quote for a specific property before the appraisal is actually done. We can do fee quotes for you free of charge! Let us know what type of appraisal you need today.


AppraisalPro offers a wide range of field reports including, Property Observation Reports, Mobile/Manufactured Reports, Property Photo Only Reports and many others. Get full descriptions of each type of report and see downloadable example files.

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