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Links and resources for clients including lenders, banks, credit unions and mortgage companies


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Here’s a list of AppraisalPro’s Frequently Asked Questions by our Lenders.


Want to know the definition of a real estate term? Our glossary has hundreds of terms if you’re ever unsure of a definition in your appraisal.


If you want to see what a particular appraisal form looks like blank, we have many forms in PDF form that you can download.


Have you ever been unsure of the meaning of an appraiser designation acronym on the signature page of an appraisal? Our comprehensive list of Appraiser Designations clarifies the meaning of each designation.


Helpful links for lenders related to lending practices, industry groups and government regulations.


Need information about the real estate appraisal appeals process? You’ll find all you need to know about our process here.


Need to know more about USPAP? You can find plenty of information here regarding this government regulation and how it applies to the appraisal industry.


Learn more about the Dodd-Frank Act and how AppraisalPro complies with its standards.


Need information about AVM’s and how they can help you in your business? You’ll find plenty of information about AVM’s and their role in the appraisal portfolio of products.


How can I have a smooth and quick appraisal? There’s information here on how to get the process completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Want to see which states AppraisalPro is registered in? Attached is a chart of all of the states that our network covers. Frequently Updated.


Find back issues of our monthly newsletter and signup to receive new issues.


Need to pay for an appraisal? Here’s a list of all of our payment options available to you.

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