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When does AppraisalPro pay vendors for their work on an order?

From the date we mark your order as “Completed”, we will cut your check between 28-33 days. We cut checks to our appraisers on a weekly basis.  Our vendors are a valuable part of our team, and it is essential that you get paid properly for your services. We don’t worry about future revisions from our clients when cutting checks.

What do I need to know about your general indemnity clause?

Our agreement more narrowly tailors the situations for which the appraiser will be obligated to indemnify.

Rather than obligating the appraiser to indemnify for all claims on the appraisal work – regardless of who causes the claim or what kind of conduct causes it (such as is the case with most AMC’s) – our clause only requires the appraiser to indemnify for his or her “negligent act or omission” in the appraisal work. This clause also more closely aligns with the professional liability insurance coverage that the appraiser is likely to have.

Do you pressure your appraisers for value?

NEVER. This is a thing of the past. Not only is it illegal, but it is against our own ethical standards.

How long has AppraisalPro been in business?

We are a strong, stable company with a more than 25 year history. We started out as a local real estate appraisal company called “Seven Day Appraisals” in 1988 and over time have transformed into the AppraisalPro you see now.

What makes you “The Appraiser Friendly AMC”?

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our vendors. We routinely have vendors that tell us how different we are from other AMC’s in the industry! We want to be that for you. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did!

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