About Us

About Us:

Originally founded in 1988 as Seven Day Appraisal Services, what has grown to become AppraisalPro serviced the Triad North Carolina area with a nearly flawless track record for taking care of clients appraisal needs. AppraisalPro has grown by continuously upgrading technology and updating procedures to ensure our clients receive timely and through services.

In 2006 Seven Day Appraisal Services company became AppraisalPro and stepped into the role of a regional valuation services provider.

AppraisalPro offers a wide range of valuation services dedicated to helping busy mortgage professionals and the banking community to maximize their productivity. We have developed an extensive network of nationwide real estate professionals. At AppraisalPro we work hard to make the appraisal work quickly and smoothly for you. Let us help you “Find Your True Value”!

Our Foundation:

We are a national management company (AMC) committed to delivering high quality appraisal reports with industry leading turn around times.

Our Mission:

AppraisalPro provides a best in class appraisal management platform that empowers our lending partners with the competitive advantage necessary to compete in a fast-paced marketplace.

Competitive Advantage:


AppraisalPro has completed tens of thousands of appraisal orders, let us use our expertise to help you.

Average Total Turn Time (order date to delivery date):             4.4 Business Days
Average Appraiser Turn Time (order date to Receipt by AMC):   3 Business Days

How We Do It:

Appraiser Management
  • Tiered performance ranking system based on appraiser turn time and quality
  • Appraiser profile and license tracking systems
Order Management
  • Automated order fulfillment platform – online 24/7
  • Order Tracking systems to monitor appraisal pipeline from start to finish
Quality Control (QC) Management
  • QC audits performed on every request
  • QC audits to ensure appraisal reports meet investor grade quality standards
Client Account Management
  • Manage your client profile online
  • Track and manage appraisal orders and payments online
  • AppraisalPro support staff available

Appraisal Services

We offer a wide range of valuation products including but not limited to:

Full Appraisal Reporting 1004/70 1073/465 1025
Exterior Products 2055 1075 2070
Supplementary Reports 1004D 1007 998
Alternative Valuation Products 2075 Property Inspection form AppraislPro QwikVal™
Contact Information

AppraisalPro is located in the heart of the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Our office hours are 9AM to 6PM EST Monday through Friday.

Mailing Address:
745 Cinema Court Suite P
Kernersville, NC 27284

(336) 993-1777

(336) 993-2777

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