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Full Appraisal Coordination

AppraisalPro is a new online appraisal management software. We utilize the latest in technology to facilitate the appraisal process. This software currently has two versions, one used by banks, brokerages and mortgage firms , the other used by Appraisers. It will help you quickly and efficiently handle everything associated with the appraisal process.

State of the Art Technology

Using AppraisalPro, you can take advantage of the best technology to automate as much of the appraisal process as possible. This helps you to make sure your appraisal timeline is met on time, every time. Clients can order online, by phone or email in as little as 60 seconds. Stay in the loop with easy order tracking and status updates sent directly to your inbox. Enjoy the security of working with a 100% Dodd-Frank  and latest rules compliant software and the freedom to close more loans and more appraisals.

Best National Appraisal Management Software

Are you a property appraiser? Using AppraisalPro, you can provide the white glove treatment to your clients. The software will enable you to provide your clients with the highest level of customer service possible.



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AppraisalPro’s QwikVal™ report is intended to give clients and consumers a “quick snapshot” of values in the area around their home, and keeps a reluctant home owner from having to pay for a full appraisal fee in some cases.



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